Online dating sex attack

Once I was chatting with this guy on the online dating site, then I got suspicious, he used his full name on the yahoo chat and asked me to join him on the chat on yahoo…. I reported him to the site and I find him in another site and reported him there too….

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I can work for police department…. If that were the case everything you buy would come with a piece of paper stating that the manufacturer is not responsible for injury from this product and consumers would never win a lawsuit. It will probably be more along the lines of… a reasonable person should not expect members of a dating site to be pre-screened unless explicitly told that they are by the website. Take a first year law class on contracts.

Man who uses dating apps faces more sex assault-related charges: Edmonton police

Terms of use agreements absolutely do NOT bar lawsuits. A court will decide whether or not the agreement is valid, and it could very easily find that it is unreasonable for match. This is a tort case, not a breach of contract case.

She will need to prove that the website had a duty to pre-screen the participants. If the terms of service explicitly state that this is not offered as part of the membership, and they further caution all participants of the website that a risk of harm may be present, then no duty exists. Liability waivers and disclaimers are legally binding. The language contained within them is part of the agreement between the parties and can not be discarded or amended by either party.

Only those protections extended to the user as part of the agreement are binding. If there is a foreseeable risk which one can prove was such that a reasonable person could ascertain and mitigate, this would be a valid cause of action.

One in five sexual assaults in NSW committed by people the victim met on online dating apps Tinder

This situation does not meet that standard unless and until the women can prove that she was guaranteed protection from that risk as a part of the agreement. But not in California. So if they did screen for predators, what if they gave a false name and ss number and a stolen credit card?

Obviously poor judgement on her part since she met him for a second time. There is no way she can with this law suit. What a dumb ass lawyer and lady.

Online Dating Has Created a Six-Fold Increase in Sexual Assaults - Mary Aiken

She should be suing the man that attacked her. She obviously knows who he is and has contact information for him. Yeah, you sue Walmart. Sure, you also sue the other party as a co-defender, but you ALWAYS include someone with deep pockets, even if their relationship to the incident is tenuous at best.

Think of all the overturned prenuptual agreements. While a fairly new doctrine, it is well grounded in the common law. Here we go again. It is the mans fault for the sexual assault, not Match and especially not the woman. I hope she brought charges against him, and that she will drop the suit against Match. Most are already married, or sexual predators! So if your looking on the internet for a man or a women, well anyone then is taking the risk of this happening to them. Nothing on the internet is scared, or information is not truley out there.

Its your responsibility to check the site out befor you sign up. Not I am not saying this lady deserved this…For gods sake she did nothing wrong to deserve what happened to her, and the man should pay it fullest!!! Im just saying when you search the internet for a date…. You must likely will get the date that no one wanted in the first place…. I disagree profoundly with you. Ten years ago today I met my wife on Match. I had been using the site for about two years.

I agree that most first meetings were disappointing. I always insisted on meeting in public with a lot of people around. What alternative do you propose? After meeting him in person the first time she was in a position to know more about him than any dating site possibly could. For all we know this could be a setup.

She could have staged the thing to get a big pay day. No dating website should allow rapists to be in their dating pool. People join in good faith, that the people who are writing them and that they are meeting are not violent predators. I believe there should be some way to shield people from that level of harm, internet dating is basically new, in the big scheme of things. The rules and protocol still needs to be worked out.

This is a valid lawsuit. Internet dating is 20 years old and the rules have been spelled out for years. The article says he followed her home. How is Match or any site responsible for that? One of my best friends is a guy I met on match four years ago. Californians want to sue someone every time they stub a toe. People should know the risk when they submit to these sites. But they should also know the risk without anybody telling them. Is call common sense……. Hey thats a good idea for a new dating site: What a waste of time and money. She obviously is just looking to get paid from a website that she took the risk of joining.

It was her poor judgement that lead to the attack. I met someone online who turned out to be a totally different person when we met. She was using her sisters pic on her profile. I should sue too!!! I hope you have deep pockets, because your lawsuit would go nowhere, and you would only go deeply into debt. This is a great example of why we need tort reform in this country. This foolishness should never come before the courts.


Make it a loser pays system and frivolous suits like this immediately go away. I would love to be the juror in this case. Not her fault if bad people go to the park, right??? Try meeting people actually interacting with them in public. Amazing in sexual cases the female is always the one at fault and drug through the mud!! In all of the above comments that is what I read! What is wrong with holding the service accountable? They are so eager to take the money. I have met men, including my wonderful husband of 16 years, online. I always met them in a public place, did not let them walk me to car or see my plates, until I had time to truly check them out through court records etc.

Online dating warning after woman raped and beaten - Telegraph

Interesting how everyone explains rationally why the suit is ludicrous, yet your paranoia reads it as blaming the woman. She could have met the guy anywhere, and there is no way they can be sure the information given to them when signing up is for real, so there is no way they can truly screen out the predators. And what about the predators who have never been convicted? This suit will go nowhere. First of all, does she expect Match.

What crimes should they screen for? Should they do a credit check and post credit scores? Would she herself have agreed to such an invasion of her privacy? Apparently, her desperation for a date outweighed her common sense. She can go on all the shopping sprees and nice vacations she wants with any money she may win from a lawsuit against match. Place the blame where it really belongs and send the attacker to jail. I met my husband on eHarmony. Before meeting him, I dated some total flakes I met online. And ladies, please learn self-defense and situational awareness to help prevent creeps from stalking and hurting you.

What nonsense; I hope Match. You can look for the sex offenders on a number of web sites. Ehat did she expect?

Woman's Lawsuit Against Over Sex Assault Not Asking for Money

Oh by the way I am a registered sex offender? People will lie about their height and weight do you think thiis would come up in a conversation? This law suit would not make the Judge Judy show. Too cut and dry.

online dating sex attack Online dating sex attack
online dating sex attack Online dating sex attack
online dating sex attack Online dating sex attack
online dating sex attack Online dating sex attack
online dating sex attack Online dating sex attack

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