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This guy was seeming so amazing. Everything seemed to be syncing up. Then he started sending me a very large amount of texts. I told him I was going to sleep and put my phone on silent. Photos of things he was making for me. Calls begging me to wake up cause he missed me I cancelled our date and blocked him. I met a girl on okcupid and we decided to do a double date as she was nervous. The night was fun and her friend was pretty cool. I had been doing it a lot that summer and she was just a random user. So about 10 minutes into it she goes insane.

She took off all her clothes and started flailing on the ground hurting herself. I called her friend over to help me restrain her and so the friend could see I did not infact try to rape her. The friend brought a guy as well and they all witnessed how crazy she was being. We all hung out in the living room while her friends held her hands and feet together because she kept trying to masturbate and it was awkard as fuck.

After a few hours she sobered up and cryed in my arms feeling so embarrassed for what happened. A few days later she messaged me to do MDMA again. Had an OkCupid account for a few years, I would occasionally get on there mostly when drunk and message people or check and see if I had messages.

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One day this decent enough looking girl messaged me and we got to talking. It was just the usual get to know you kind of stuff, like what do you do for a living and what are your hobbies, etc. I told the girl that I worked night shift at the local Walmart, and at the time it didn't seem that giving her this kind of info would backfire in anway, but I was wrong. We continued messaging for a few days, getting to know eachother, she was a school teacher and was a bit older than me.

Being that I had a minimum wage job, I didn't really see much of a future there between us and our conversations were growing a bit stale so me being the asshole I am decide the best course of action would be to just stop talking to her completely instead of telling her I wasn't interested.


A few days go by, and she messaged me a few times but I again being an asshole did not reply. Then I started to get messages that were a bit hostile, asking me why I wasn't talking to her and why I didn't want to be her friend and things like that. So I decided to continue ignoring her like the good person that I am. A few more days go by, and then one night at about 2am while I'm working, a co-worker comes up to me and says that some girl was asking for me.

At the time I didn't put 2 and 2 together so I just shrugged it off. Then the following few work nights, my co-workers keep telling me that this girl is coming in looking for me how she didn't find me by just walking around the store I dont' know but I finally remember that I had told this girl where I work at. Then the next night she finds me, she had come in with a guy and confronted me about ignoring her on OkCupid, she wasn't being hostile or anything when she asked so I just told her that I had been busy and hadn't been on in a while.

So awkwardly she said "well okay, just message me when you get home. At this point I was a bit freaked out, but I stuck to my ways and did not message her hoping that she would just leave me alone. But of course this only made things worse.

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She started showing up looking for me on my days off, asking my co-workers what my schedule was and things like that. The next time I had work, she was there at around 3am, again with a random guy that was different then the last, and again asking me why I had not messaged her, but this time she was a bit more hostile, saying "what kind of person does this to someone" and things like that, but I told her the same thing again, that I had been busy and had not gotten on the website in a while. And then as always I continued to ignore her messages.

After a few times of hearing that she had shown up looking for me again, and me being afraid of getting stabbed to death by this crazy chick in the parking lot, it finally stopped. She stopped coming to my work and stopped messaging me. In the end all my hard work and perseverance paid off and she moved on to stalking someone new. Well if she is then she won't see me, I've since moved on to bigger and better things, and I managed to meet a girl who's only slightly crazy on the same website and I've been with her for over a year now.

Met a girl on PoF. I'm white and at the time Her 10 year old daughter was half black. Everything was going well.

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Then she tells me she is pregnant. Ok, not what either us of us planned but she wanted to keep the baby. I put her on my insurance, pay my share of the bills, take her to the doc, do the right thing. We eventually agree that we don't work as a couple but, as adults, we can do right by our child. Sonogram shows it's a little girl. My mother is ecstatic. Then one day around month 8, the doctor calls me aside.

He conducted a paternity test. Guess who wasn't the father. I confronted her about the infidelity. Her response was "I don't even like black guys. I found out later the ex was the father. I guess they remarried because they had the nerve to send me a Christmas card.

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The beautiful little brown baby I paid for was in her arms. I didn't look inside to see if they wrote anything. Seemed like a decent guy. He asks me on a second date and asks if I don't mind picking him up since I had a car and he had a bike no big deal, we lived in a city. So I get there and he cut off all of his shaggy hair into this short haircut.

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  • I did it for you It looks nice, but I hope you didn't just do it for me since we just met. That was a little odd I asked him about his religious beliefs, mentioning that I was a Christian. He said that he wasn't particularly religious. We continued our date, but I wasn't really feeling it. He seemed nice enough, and the second date was fine, but I wasn't excited to see him again. We texted a bit more, and agreed to meet up again a few days later. The next time I came over to his place, I told him that we probably shouldn't go out because I wasn't feeling it romantically.

    He kept hugging me and wouldn't let me go. I felt bad for him, and stayed for a bit, but then dismissed myself and told him that we could be friends and would maybe see each other around since it turned out that we had a mutual acquaintance.

    The next day, he started texting me like crazy. He said that he had a dream where God revealed Himself and said that we were destined to be together, and that he wasn't going to let me go. That he went to church and he is now Christian, too, and that he was supposed to head our household. I explained that I didn't break up with him over his religious beliefs, that it was okay I could not get him to go away. I didn't understand how to block someone at this point, so I figured if I stopped replying, he would eventually let it go. He kept getting worse, texting non-stop, randomly quoting scripture as if he opened his bible, pointed to a line, and posted it , and repeatingly saying that I was going to eventually cave and change my mind.

    I told him to leave me alone because I was going out with my girlfriends that night and wasn't going to bother replying. Thankfully, I never heard from him again, and fortunately, never had the occasion to hang out with that mutual acquaintance again for several months, after which said friend said that creepy guy moved to Ireland. Went on 2 lackluster dates; creepy guy stalks me and says that God destined us to be together; he went away after accidentally convincing him I was actually a lesbian. I was on a date with a guy who blurted out that he had 3 felonies and told me I had to stop drinking, because I would inevitably become an alcoholic.

    We were getting coffee and he launched into how 'females these days' just want to get drunk and he is a good guy cos he is sober and they'd be missing out. All the guys I've been in relationships with from social media have had major issues with their fathers More like, 'i had great childhood but my daddy didn't love me enough how do I make him proud of me?!

    Well he's right about you being an alcoholic. I had a drink once, next thing I knew, full blown alchie. Women get tons of creepy or even inappropriate messages.

    online dating horror story reddit Online dating horror story reddit
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