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Instead have fun swimming in the primordial ooze until you dope yourself senseless from endless time alone on this earth. Dude I get enough, I have nothing to prove to you because your better than me at spelling. It makes you kind of sad and lovesick. Then maybe makes you a little hateful, unethical and misogynistic. There is a better way, try practicing PUA techniques, but do so ethically.

You might find something a lot better than you expect, I know I have. Dude everyone walks their own path with their own experiences. What ever my view on women or my methods or reasoning for following the method or mind frame is my own. Your way to opinionated on, your actually sound like a women lol.

Chill out, read on NLP and noetic science about energy and how to either influence people and change their opinions and put across a more result based argument rather than letting of steam and noetic science about positive energy: Yeah all those IQ tests made up to make women look as intelligent as men! The tests should be less based on emotions and more based on the fact that Dan attracts stupid girls therefore his anecdotal evidence overrides facts.

Facts are way too emotional. Just accept it like a pro, logic man. If PUA using science to perfect the already present ways of attracting women is thought of as rape, then it is only fair that martial arts be thought of as teaching children to be violent warriors. This is not the case. Players are gonna play and have played from the beginning to the end of time… PUA will continue to build genuine attraction. So what if they know how to use science to make it more graceful and easier.

If that is cheating, then anyone who defends their own in a street fight with moves they learned at karate class is a cheater. LMR is a society trained response. Does that mean it is WRONG to tell a little boy that it is ok to play with a doll if he wants… is it WRONG for a girl to wanna play cops and robbers… so why would it be wrong to build further comfort and show someone that sometimes what they were taught is wrong. And there is still a very mutual attraction between my targets and I.

Some remain sexual, and some would rather go for something more serious, but either way its still their own decision. For women commitment is a must for getting phisical with guys. Yeah, right, it is not natural at all: And that is exactly what is happening… So… Your argument is invalid. Faced LMR in personal practice couple times and it might distract a lot. Just stick to the point, let it go a little and add more comfort and relaxation.

And think is exactly what she needs to do to avoid being with losers like you.

Last Minute Resistance

When a girl says no, stop. LOL, is this what school has taught you? If she says no it means no! Women enjoy sex as much as men, why are you against sex so much? Despite what this stupid site may have taught you, you will never be able to really get inside the head of a woman. Sorry, you might not think so.

Have fun being on a sex offender list, you fucking creep. Take off your shirt please. In any case, to me, rape is a physical force against her will, and rapists should be jailed and given harsh sentences. No one should have to go through that. Are you going to stick around afterwards? Violence or physical force is not necessarily a part of rape. Women need sex too.

Where does it come from? Show me some consistent studies. Sadly none of you can.

What Does LMR Mean?

No means NO, sleazebags. Like she suddenly starts teasing me over and over in a playful condescending tone.

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It was like non-stop rapid fire like she just turned on a switch or something. She also started rubbing up and down my leg with her hand flirting a lot and we were right in the middle of the bar. She was doing this a lot. I get the idea and suggest to leave. Take her outside and intiate making out on a bench. Making out in the parking lot now.

More making out, and then I tell her, not ask, to comeback to my place. She eventually gives in and we go back. Back at my place, it's almost the same story as the first girl.

Definition for LMR

Heavy makeouts and she is all over me and kept feeling and sucking my abs and chest. She was even more intense than Girl 1. So I ramp up the making out which she definitely is enjoying but everytime I run into that wall again. At some point I realize it's not going anywhere and we eventually call it a night after talking and hanging out a little. Like the first girl, she was also suspicious of me being a player.

She would see things like a comforter on my couch, which I honestly left there because I didn't have room to put it anywhere else and was lazy, and ask me "So somebody sleeping here recently? The funny thing is I'm not a player lol. The big difference with this girl and the last is I know I had a lot more rapport with this one and we share a lot of the same interests and views on life.

Unlike the Girl 1, my dissapointment would be a lot more if I can't get a 2nd meeting with this girl. But what we are told is to escalate fast and everything, so I'm kind of confused as to my strategy. What I am socially picking up is that these girls really don't want to have sex on the first date, and by trying to force it I am making them very uncomfortable. So ultimately, my question is, how do you know when it is ok to plow through and when not to in order to avoid burning bridges. When I wrote this it was an effort in illustrating a pragmatic approach to save men the time and resources of investing in a less than optimal sexual experience.

I also wrote a follow up to this rule in Three Strikes:. In Game, there is a subtle balance that needs to be recognized between risks of over-investing in a particular woman with regards to practicality and not throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water and losing on a potentially rewarding opportunity. So, she needs to limit his options while simultaneously determining he has those options. At the time of my writing these posts I was castigated for exactly the same rationale that femosphere bloggers are now endorsing Yes Means Yes with today.

The now scrubbed from certain blogs criticism then was one of how terrible it was for Men to punish women by not playing along with feminine-primary Game. You just want some whore who gives it up on the first night? However, under the Yes Means Yes initiative, this Three Strikes pragmatism is flipped and endorsed by the women who were previously outraged by it.

YMY makes a good case for men abandoning what women consider to be their assortative equals, i. YMY is a total green light for men to push for sex immediately if not sooner.


Last Minute Resistance (LMR) | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

So the question becomes one of how men will most pragmatically develop contingencies for the YMY threat point in their own sexual strategy? In an age when Sheryl Sandberg is openly telling young women to fuck the Bad Boys , and settle down with the Nice Guy before her SMV decays into non-competitiveness, when open hypergamy is not only embraced, but proudly preached in the media, what logical choice do men have but to push for sex immediately and go their own way?

YMY combined with Open Hypergamy promote a sexual marketplace based on enthusiastic consent for Alpha Fucks, and mitigated, ambiguous consent for Beta Bucks. Tags Alpha Fucks , Beta Bucks , dread game , evolutionary psychology , feminine imperative , feminized men , hypergamy , intergender relations , iron rule , Lindy West , LMR , manosphere , rational male , rational male year one , rationalmale , red pill , Rollo Tomassi , rollo tomassi the rational male blog , sexual market value , the rational male , therationalmale , YMY.

Ironically that post is now scrubbed, but in it she essentially preached against everything she agrees with about YMY. They are so oblivious to the system they helped erect that would end their feminine fantasy constructs. I tested this Iron Rule on one occasion to my own demise after already being made aware of it. Not only did waiting for it equate to no sex for myself and the consequential frustration, but also to a horrible case of one-itis.

Not sure if there is a connection between a guy waiting for it and a development of one-itis and whether girls do the former to create the latter but the experience definitely sucked. A complete loss of investment for myself. Sadly, all this is another giant step toward harems. This thermostatting of her sexual frequency, in which the hotter woman gets more and the colder woman gets less, is inherent in a harem situation. YMY will raise the stakes dramatically for men.

The Ultimate Power of Emotional Unreactiveness

A lot of men will simply drop out because they cannot run the risk of an encounter going bad. That means no more Beta Bucks. Not sure if it is because I openly have other women in play, or that I became better and building that sense of urgency or some combination of factors. Hard kissing, hair pulling, pining her to this or that, hand around the throat, commanding her to do this or that seems to blast right through any LMR.

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