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Export successfully matched couples into Kitty Powers' Love Life! Bug fixes and improvements.

Find out how your avatar got on in dates set up by your Facebook friends! New avatar date letters!

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Small tweaks and fixes. Because it's Magic Notion's 3rd birthday, we've decided to make some feature improvements based off player feedback! This happens once the second type is unlocked - Envelopes on restaurant select screen shuffle slower when there are more of them. As the number of envelopes increases the speed slows slightly to compensate - Changed the spelling of some menu items. We hope you enjoy the new improvements. We certainly like them! Hello Kittens, this update adds new features and a whole lot of fixes to the small issues players have been experiencing.

You should now start seeing more letters from Kitty, telling you how your avatar is getting on in other peoples games. There have been some tweaks to the chocolate box game, the Wheel of Misfortune and your Facebook friends should appear more often too! And now glam male clients can have pink hair!

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Kitty Powers Matchmaker is a hilarious dating simulator with a difference! Camp is a word that will keep popping into your head while playing Kitty Powers Matchmaker. In fact, this reviewers confident in saying that the.

Play Matchmaker online on GirlsgoGames. Every day new Girls Games online! Matchmaker is Safe, Cool to play and Free! Kenya online dating and romance, kenya online dating. Kitty Powers Matchmaker is a simulation game for android. Test your love matching skills by running your. You'll also unlock new locations for your dates to take place at, upgrades like a salon to give your clients a makeover to better appeal to a match, and much more.

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Different character types have different tastes in everything from makeup to hairstyles, and more often than not, you'll need to figure out for yourself what's appealing to someone. When you've decided to send your two theoretical lovebirds off on a date, things get even more complicated.

As the date progresses, you'll need to pull the Love Handle, which spins like a slot machine and randomly presents you with different topics of discussion to choose from. If your client and their date share similar opinions about it, you're on the right track, but a strong difference in opinion will add one strike to the three you can get before the date ends on a sour note. There are a lot of random events that can happen, from calculating the proper tip to leave, picking out the right sequence of pretentious descriptions to sound like a "foodie", remembering what your server looks like from a lineup, and even what the weather was like when you arrived if you choose to talk about it As mentioned, your powers of observation and deduction are key in a big, big way.

You won't get to refer to the details about your date while you're out, so if you bring up interests, you'd better be able to remember which things from the list you're presented your match was actually into.

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Game Review

Other things, like remembering what your waiter looks like when it comes time to call for a bill, also mean you'll need to be paying attention to everything happening around you even if the game doesn't tell you to do so. It makes for a much smarter and more challenging experience, and more satisfying too. At the end of a date, you'll need to decide whether to ask to go steady, try on another date with the same person, or call it off. Filling up a relationship meter with hearts will make a successful match, while three bad dates will make your client storm out.

The success of a date has a big impact on your business, as you might expect.

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

Doing well increases your reputation, leveling you up to gain access to more unlockables and other clients and advertising locations to attract different people, and doing poorly, well, does the opposite. You'll even get letters from your dates later on that will update you on their relationship Whatever the case, that will also impact your reputation based on the grade you receive for a match's final result. The cash you earn from sending people on dates is spent on more than just upgrades Throw in the fact that the game profiles you when you first start and gives you the option to send your anonymous avatar out to go on dates in other people's games, and will even update you as to how it goes for them, and you have a game that is far, far more complex and intelligent than you'd ever expect.


You're constantly kept on your toes by needing to pay attention to detail, and something new is always unlocking to keep things fresh. It also doesn't hurt that Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is extremely funny and well-written, mixing cheek and sass with a good hearted tease at just about everyone, without ever becoming mean-spirited. It's a celebration of weirdness as something that makes people wonderful and fun, rather than a mockery of it. Having a client accidentally pass gas might not always be a bad thing Sprinkle on just the right amount of pop culture references, including some to indie games " Thomas WAS Alone until he came to see me!

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is the type of game we could use more of It's far more progressive than many games on the market, which is only bolstered by its cheery, winning personality. You'll be playing for a long time, honing your perceptive skills and matching edgy nerds, vintage jocks, practical hippies and more from a procedurally generated list of extremely quirky characters.

You can even wind up matching the avatars of other players! If you have any interest whatsoever in smart, funny sims, Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is a no brainer and should be in your gaming library right this second. I just wanted to point out that there are bisexual characters in the game, but they are relatively uncommon since in game mechanic terms they give you an advantage!

The game will be purchasable on the Google Play store again later next week.

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