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And even though we don't know how crazy she really is, it's pretty likely that it's more crazy than she is hot, given how attractive she is. Gronkowski is handsome, lovable, kitten friendly, and a known party animal. While his charm and good looks are undeniable, his wild lifestyle and man-child behavior make him a tough choice for any woman seriously considering a long term, faithful relationship, or even marriage and children.

That being said, Gronk is certified datable - a truly textbook example of a Date Zone male.


Where to go from here depends on several factors. Whether you're in a relationship with someone currently and where on the matrix they reside. Find out which zone a friend, loved one, or significant other lives in on the Universal Hot Crazy Matrix.

Enter the No Go Zone at your own risk, but read this guide before venturing onward. Learn the science behind the Universal Hot Crazy Matrix, man's greatest tool for understanding women. Date Zone Summary There is nothing wrong with forming a relationship with someone in the date zone.

More Information about the Date Zone Key Traits Pretty cute; sometimes very attractive Mostly cool, but often quarky or strange Hit or miss when meeting friends and family.

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Megan Fox Megan Fox is undeniably attractive. Frequently Asked Questions Q: I've been enjoying the date zone, but I think I want to get more serious.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Women, According To A Man Who Knows Nothing | HuffPost

    McLendon encourages men to eventually move out of this zone and into a more permanent location. After having some fun, of course. His description of this group is as hilarious as it is accurate. Above an 8 Hot but still around a 7 Crazy is the Dating Zone. McLendon says you can introduce this woman to your family and friends. She will be above an 8 Hot and between a 5 and 7 Crazy. McLendon explain the entire matrix in further detail. Sometimes brought on by my usual 10 on the procrastination scale.

    Everything You Need To Know About Women, According To A Man Who Knows Nothing

    Lucky I have a good job. In public I have definitely outkicked my coverage, not unlike Ryan L. I thought this video was awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

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    Nevertheless KSR remains my aggregator of choice. National Review dropped off considerably since sad loss of WFB Jr but still occasionally gets a read. Regardless of where this originated I rely on and hardily thank Drew for bringing this and other gems to my otherwise mundane life. I could care less if Drew and TT copy and paste from other sites. Although I draw the line at taking fashion tips from Matt and TT, cargo shorts will never go out of style: Yeah nothing wrong with cargo shorts. I already brought it up in one of the first comments and it was deleted.

    I guess the KSR content management system is still as reliable as always. Expect a follow-up video in a few days from them about how their ideas were taken from the tv show. If you find a man who can think with the head on his shoulders and not the one in his pants, marry him.

    Definitely the Vickie Mendoza Diagonal.

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    • This dude added the wife zone…. Several other variables come into play. For instance, my wife teeters on the edge of the date marry zone super hot…. But shes a doctor.

      Date Zone Summary

      Kentucky Sports Radio University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible. Guys, I need your full attention. Gals, give us a few minutes here. Once you rate your woman personal preference and plug her into the matrix, you will find her in one of the six zones: Unicorn Anyone below a 5 Crazy and above an 8 Hot is a Unicorn.

      guys dating matrix Guys dating matrix
      guys dating matrix Guys dating matrix
      guys dating matrix Guys dating matrix
      guys dating matrix Guys dating matrix
      guys dating matrix Guys dating matrix

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