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Charge a flat fee per booking for an event regardless of how many people attend e. Option to auto-remove an event from the calender when all spaces have been booked. Optionally assign a color to an event via a jQuery color picker, so when the event is displayed on the calender it uses that color. Import events via CSV file. Allow an unlimited number of images to be uploaded for an event and display in jQuery gallery. Assign an unlimited number of files to an event, so once a user has registered and paid for an event they will be able to securely download these files.

Allow admin to define an unlimited number of "related events", these events will be displayed on the "view details" modal popup window. Create and manage an unlimited number of tabs to display in the event details modal window. Event tabs have full HTML support. Enter text that should be included in the booking confirmation email if a given event is booked.

Optionally specify a start and end date that you can register for the event, if you are outside this window registration is not available. Support for social media sharing icons e. Assign event to location and display event on a Google map. Templates output the event meta data so it conforms to http: Allow custom event attributes to be created so admin can store their own unique fields against an event. Allow custom entities to be created so admin can create custom entities and assign which events belong to a particular entity e.

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Allow user to export event to PDF. Recur every X weeks on the days you specify.

Recur every day of every X months. Recur yearly on the specific month and day you enter. Allow admin to manually define the dates an event will recur on. Allow admin to define dates that an event should not recur on this will allow you to exclude public holidays,etc. Event Categories Create an un-limited number of categories Create an un-limited number of category hierarchies e. Assign events to multiple categories to allow filtering when viewing in calendar or list view. Display event categories in a jQuery mega menu or dropdown list.

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Attractions Create an un-limited number of attractions and assign events to allow cross selling and promotion Separate list and details view. Assign locations and categories. Output Google map highlighting the attraction location. Allow user to export attraction to PDF. Event Registration Optionally allow users to sign up for events. Allow a user to add events to their wishlist so they can be stored for a later date.

Take payment for events. When registering optionally make the user to enter details of other attendees e. Create an unlimited number of pricing tiers e. Implement early bird pricing, so you can offer discounts the earlier the customer signs up to the event. Allow admin to define the fields the customer must complete when signing up for an event. Auto-populates booking form with DNN profile information if user logged in. Optionally allow anonymous users to places bookings i.

Simple 2 stage checkout process. User booking module so they can view bookings they have made. Admin booking module so they can view and adminisrate all bookings made. Allow admin to "cancel" bookings, user will be emailed if their booking is cancelled with an optional message from the admin. Cancelled places will then be able to be re-purchased. Optionally define DNN role s user must have in order to use offline payment method.

Allow admin to define a surcharge for using one of the online payment methods. Allow user to pay via any combination of credit card directly on your website, Paypal web payments standard or offline payment Optionally force SSL at checkout. Allow users to export their bookings in iCalendar format so they can be imported into any application that support iCalendar format - Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, IBM Lotus notes,etc Optionally include this iCal file in the booking confirmation email sent to the customer Export a list of attendees to Excel format.

Allow admin to define a color that when an event is fully booked the event will be displayed in when looking at the calendar view. Setting to define if we capture a company name, mobile phone and fax number when a user complets the sign up page.

Version 8.7.

Specify at an event level additional email addresses who should be sent the booking confirmation email. Option to automatically email a reminder that the event is about to start to customers that have booked onto that event. Setting to enforce that the user agrees to the stores terms and conditions before being allowed to place a booking.

Add support so events can be listed within the module but the user is taken to 3rd party websites to complete the booking. Integration into SalesForce , automatically create the primary attendee or all attendees as "leads" in SalesForce. On an event by event basis optionally allow registration to happen on the event details page rather than the standard registration page. Event Sign Up Questions Create and manage questions that will be presented to the user when they sign up to an event. Do you require a meal? Please select a venue Specify the HTML control to be used to output the question and the possible answers: Specify if the question is mandatory or if the user can skip it.

Specify any increase in price based on their selection. Specify if the question should be asked to all attendees, primary attendee or additional attendees. Allow event sign up questions to be assigned to all events rather than just single events.

Date Re-formatting to the Rescue

Supported Payment Gateways Paypal web payments standard. PayPal PayFlow payment gateway. Heartland secure submit payments gateway. Virtual Merchant payment gateway. SagePay form payment gateway.

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Payment Express PX Pay payment gateway. Event Waitlist Once an event is fully booked optionally allow users to sign up to be waitlisted for this event. Admin can then contact waitlisted users if a space becomes available. In the above example, note the parameter value of While you have the option of creating very specific and custom date formats, you can generally find a pre-built format that will meet your needs.

Here's how to use a pre-built date format:. The pre-built options are fine, but what if you want to further customize your date format? No problem, just use standard SQL commands to tweak one of the pre-built options.

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For example, say you want to go with the pre-built option show above, but prefer to use a tab character instead of a space to separate the day, month and year values. So far so good. But sometimes your grid would result in the data value wrapping to a second line; not pretty! While there are several ways to address this, I prefer to update your date format to replace any characters that would cause a line break to non-breaking characters.

This statement will eliminate the line break, resulting in your date to always display on a single line: Say you have a custom report that tracks the PDF download activity by registered users. But you know that some users click the download link multiple times during a session, and you don't want this behaviour to artificially inflate your download counts. Just reformat your download date field so it removes the minute and seconds from the date; for example, format the date to show only the year, month and day, like this: This will roll-up any duplicate download clicks per registered user into a single item assuming, of course, the multiple clicks do not cross days.

The net result is you have essentially de-duped your download reporting. So your actual implementation may differ by module.

While this approach solves the date presentation issue, it can lead to unintended consequences when your sort your report by date. Specifically, if you sort by the converted date field, you are actually sorting on a text string, instead of an actual date; resulting in a broken sort order.

dnn dating module Dnn dating module
dnn dating module Dnn dating module
dnn dating module Dnn dating module
dnn dating module Dnn dating module
dnn dating module Dnn dating module
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