Dating scene in las vegas

I avoid the nightclubs and strip clubs. Remember, Vegas is a transient town, people love it, people hate it, people come, people go, maybe people dont like to make long term commitments because they plan to go back where ever they came from.

Co-ed softball league or soccer. You'll meet friends and once they get to know you, they'll introduce you to other people. Most of the people on the co-ed teams seem to be early to mid-thirties but that doesn't mean that they don't know anyone in your age bracket. I've heard this same lament from other guys your age that I used to work with. Make sure you have your own place no roommates.

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It's the same no matter the age. Here's something to consider when looking aty it from the side of a young tender woman. There is a goo cahnce she will morph into tomorrows hag. I guess I could say the same for men but as we know there is a double standard when it comes to looks and aging so if that hottie turns you down don't seat it just keep it moving.

Date who you can but take some trips to Cali Just expand your options..

Originally Posted by LV Glad you share my sentiment about Meet up. Thanks for the tip on pool or live bands NLVgal - thanks for the tip on co-ed softball.

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That's something I used to do back east and I didn't realize how big it was back here. And yes, having your own place is a must I agree. Caltovegas - I do plan on making a trip or trips out to CA. I admit my post is a little defeatist, but I don't think it's premature or unwarranted. Online dating isn't as easy as you make it sound. I figured having a picture that didn't include me with a shirt off, giving the middle finger, or with a beer in my hand would differentiate me from the usual douches on online dating sites, but alas, no dice.

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And to be honest I have to completely disagree with your assumption of "there are plenty of girls out on the strip looking to have a good time". I think this is one of the biggest fallacies out there about Vegas. User Name Remember Me? I'm 24 and currently in NYC. I might try out Vegas and poker for at least a year just to give it an honest try and see if it is realistic.

I would rather have a definite answer to "Can I be a poker pro?

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I am "in between" both, kinda. My question is about the quality of life in Las Vegas, specifically the dating scene for early to mid 20's people. I'm 24 and will be 25 soon, so I go for girls 21 to What's the scene like in that age group? Also, this is obviously for non-tourist girls. Also, anyone in this age group who also plays poker.

Boy howdy was I wrong! I am a completely independent, successful woman who obviously does not lack in confidence. I am above average looking and keep in great shape. I am happy and outgoing and genuine and I truly love people.

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I just thought this dating thing would be a snap! Join me on my crazy adventure and you will see the Las Vegas dating scene is a war zone and I feel like a soldier dumped in the front lines with no weapons training and very little ammo. Dating in Las Vegas is hard! But really I digress….. So, feeling inadequate, I did what any somewhat intelligent, goal-oriented woman would do. I set out to conquer…….. I just want to grow as a person and I am! What choice do any of us have? Dating is not a game and it is not a necessity.

Always looking for guest bloggers. It helps to have new and interesting thoughts! Yeah even if you disagree with me. Single, professional, silly, smart, stupid, cute and fierce. Basically, your modern woman. Entrepreneur usually means unemployed consultant can sometimes mean that too Someone stating they live with family probably lives with their parents. This is a recipe for disaster.

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I happen to love and attract police officers but I am not a two-timer either. This is once again sage advice I am sharing from someone who experienced it recently. For my gentlemen friends: I am NOT hating on strippers or the well endowed…but really.

dating scene in las vegas Dating scene in las vegas
dating scene in las vegas Dating scene in las vegas
dating scene in las vegas Dating scene in las vegas
dating scene in las vegas Dating scene in las vegas
dating scene in las vegas Dating scene in las vegas

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