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When to Make a Relationship Official

Move on faster rather than slower with this one. Some guys would simply just want to spend time with their dudes than they do with the women in their life. Even if that means his needs are being fulfilled by you hooking up with him, that is simply not enough when it comes to companionship. He is already getting the social life he needs from his bros, so why would that motivate him to want to be your boyfriend? Chances are, you have probably seen them sitting a little too close to each other or giving each other massages.

If you ever see that kind of behavior, you are probably dating at least a borderline closet case.

15 Signs It's Time to Make a Relationship Official

This guy will forever base his life on the mantra, "bros before hoes" more so than the 10 Commandments. He doesn't want to make things official with you because he knows that he can't make you happy as your boyfriend. He knows that he will never be there for you when you want him to be. If this is the case, then is clearly doing you a favor. He can't make you feel better when you have had a bad day. He won't want to text you on a regular basis. Some guys especially if they are in the prime of their life just want to be single and not be anyone's boyfriend period.

This has nothing to do with anything you said, did or are like personality wise. These types are called freedom fighters and there is just absolutely no way they are getting into a relationship. The situation is that he is either in law school, medical school or doing something incredibly important in his life.

This is what occupies all of his time to the point where he doesn't time in his life for dating. He probably doesn't even have that much time for even a social life. Chances are, he probably sees you as somewhat of a distraction from something else that he should be focusing on.

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There are times that you are available and ready to hang out but he has to study for exams or prepare for something big later. We are attracted to these types of guys because they are ambitious and have high goals ahead of them.

They have a bright future but unless you are willing to stand on the sidelines, he won't come around for you. Having a girlfriend means having to invest your time, energy and especially money for a guy. Some of them just don't want to put all of that into one girl. Being in a relationship requires some effort and work on his end and he just doesn't see how that is worth it.

Not only does he have the freedom of being single, but he doesn't have to worry about investing anything into you. He doesn't see you as someone important enough who he has to impress and win over. If it starts to feel like he doesn't value you like you deserve or that you just aren't that terribly important to him, then get rid of him before he gets rid of you.

If you don't, then you know your time will be coming whether he breaks up with you or ghosts you. He just got out of a relationship and his ex still occupies his thoughts and feelings. It is never a good idea to get involved with someone who just got out of a relationship no matter how tempting it is. You will have to deal with him complaining about how horrible she was even though he treated her like a princess. The reality is that he is going to treat you the way he should have treated her. He won't make it official because he isn't ready for a new relationship or he is secretly hoping that they will get back together.

Don't live in this girl's shadow any longer and ditch this guy who can't get over her. You are better off with someone who carries less baggage. If there was a death in the family, change of job situation or if he is going to school soon then he is trying to get his own life together.

15 Signs It's Time to Make a Relationship Official - EnkiRelations

These are times when we aren't in a good position to be starting a new relationship because our personal environment is unsettled in some way. Whether this change is good or bad for him, he needs to make adjustments and plan accordingly. He definitely won't make things official with you if this involves him moving to a different city.

Even if he is really into you and he wants to make the relationship work, you need to let him do him.

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  4. Wish him the best in the new change in his life and if it was meant to be, it will happen later on. This goes hand in hand with having a drastic change in his life. Maybe he has a job where he is always traveling and cannot give you the time and attention that you need.

    Maybe something unexpected occurred and the regular routine of seeing you on a daily or weekly basis just won't be possible anymore.

    How Many Dates Should You Go On Before Making A Relationship Official/exclusive?

    Or maybe it could be coming from your end and there is a drastic change in your life going on that he notices. He sees that there is something occupying your time and he knows that the timing just isn't right for you nor is it for him. This happens a lot with potential relationships and it's neither party's fault. You can keep in touch but mentally prepare yourself to move on.

    Some guys are able to date and prolong their relationship between months. After that time frame passes, they start to distance themselves because they know that the relationship is getting serious and they don't want it to be serious. Contrary to popular belief, men do not have commitment problems. They have problems committing to a girl that they know deep down is not right for them. If he knew that you were the right girl for him, he wouldn't have a problem introducing you to his family, friends and important people in his life.

    He would also not be afraid of discussing a future with you. After a few months, he has already made up his mind whether or not he sees something long term with you. Told me he hadn't felt that way before where he instantly thought we could have something, but he was going to go with it. He seemed cool and normal. Not desperate or the type to latch on to just any girl because he "needed" a relationship.

    Should You Get Serious With Her? Here's How To Know

    I didn't over text him or act psycho either. I recommend taking things a bit slower, until he proves to you that he is genuine and that you two legitimately have something. Even if you really like each other and have real feelings, there is NO need to rush into things! If the feelings are there, just have fun with things and do not make things too serious or official until you know for certain By the way, this happens all the time to girls; the guy comes on strong only to disappear. There are plenty of nice guys out there though who won't do what this guy did to me, however, there is just not need to rush things Let your feelings speak for themselves without making things serious or official I say Two weeks can be fine.

    Depends if you had enough time to get to know them and develop a strong enough attraction. I usually try and push for about a month, but I have some relationships that started out with two weeks or less. Originally Posted by Groundzeroharvester. If you're terrified of getting hurt then don't get involved with the guy. And two weeks is vapor.

    2. Making your relationship “Facebook official” won’t make you more committed

    There's not set rule regarding when to call it "official" but two weeks in my book is way too short. On an ending note, make sure his intentions are honorable. Don't get involved with some douche who wants to get to know you for only "certain reasons". Last edited by Skyraider; 7th October at Too short for what? Doesn't make sense to me. When you decide to be exclusive, you're saying "I only want to get to know you and focus on you. All times are GMT The time now is 6: And that, my friend, is a rarity these days.

    15 Signs It's Time to Make a Relationship Official

    Because they have accepted you for who you are — for better or for worse — and this only happens with couples who are in a relationship. An extension of this point would be Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. When to Make a Relationship Official. Start Your Writing Now!

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