Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly

Sling 500 gets rebranded SlingTV

The SlingTV is the same hardware as the Slingbox , but it has received a significant software update.

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The new software overlays a new on-screen TV guide on-top of the interface. The guide includes content recommendations, Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies, filters for content currently airing, movie and TV episode guides and even real-time sports scores.

If you already own a Slingbox , don't worry — your unit will get a free software update to make it a SlingTV. In addition to the new devices and user interface updates, the Sling team has overhauled its mobile apps.

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The new Slingplayer app for iPhone, iPad and Android now lets customers set up a Slingbox M1 directly from their phone — no connecting to a computer required. The hand-off process is now even better — with the Roku or Apple TV handling video playback a la the Chromecast , which means you can close out of the app on your iPad.

Slingbox PRO-HD: Initial Setup

Using a Slingbox with your Apple TV or Roku will effectively extend your cable or satellite box to another room of the house, or a vacation home. Slingbox plus Apple TV is a great way to save on cable. Just pipe in the content from your cable setup at home and enjoy it remotely while on vacation.

Getting started with your Slingbox 500

Sling has also listend to customers and brought back the free Slingplayer app for PC and Mac. For now, the new desktop app only works with the Slingbox M, but it will be coming to other Sling devices later this year. The advantages of a native desktop app: Sling's target audience are users who haven't cut the cord, but still want the benefit of being able to login and watch TV or DVR content from a different location.

The Slingbox software does the magic of connecting you whether you are feet from your Slingbox or miles. Slingbox M2: Electronics

What you need to connect to this is either a wired connection e. If your router is close to your Slingbox, then this is the recommended approach, in my opinion, as your throughput and transfer speeds will be faster and more reliable. Simply plug it in and away you go.

In the end, this is the way that I hooked up my setup, but it did entail making a 50 foot Cat5 cable and running it under the house, complete with drilling holes in the floor and having my daughter feed me the cables while I was under the house. My only advice, be sure that you fully crimp down on the RJ connector, otherwise your cable will be useless.

One site that I know about that has a wide array of cabling products that could help you with potential wiring dilemmas is CXtec. Check their Network Cables section! I have not used their service but looking at some of their higher end networking products. You then establish an internet connection between your wireless router and your wireless bridge and then just plug the bridge into your Slingbox.

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The disadvantages of this the added cost of a wireless bridge. However, if you happen to have a spare one lying around e. Another disadvantage is, you will not have the same throughput and speeds that you might with a wired connection. The further your wireless bridge is from the wireless router, the lower the quality of the signal, and consequently, the poorer the speed of your connection.

If you want to stream HD content in your house, the wired connection is preferred and the wireless connection will most likely be sufficient. Slingmedia seems to have thought of everything for you. I got my hands on their SlingLink product which basically uses your power lines to transmit an Internet connection. Plug your router into one SlingLink, plug that SlingLink into the wall, plug the 2nd SlingLink in near where you want your connection to be e.

can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly
can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly
can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly
can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly
can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly Can i hook up my slingbox wirelessly

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