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Although we tapped out a few chords in "Guitar Hero," without issue, audio in the game started stuttering when we had Tweetcaster and the Web browser open in the background.


The LG Connect 4G and its 1. On An3DBench, which measures graphic performance, the Marquee delivered a lackluster 4,, well be-low the 5, category average. The Triumph scored 6, while the Connect 4G notched 7, Average loading times for mobile sites such as NYTimes.

LG G6 Now On Boost Mobile (Best Budget Phone Currently on Boost Mobile?) HD

Loading the desktop version of Laptopmag. The Con-nect 4G delivered averaged a more impressive 4.

The 5-MP camera on the Marquee captures images and video in p. There was about two seconds of lag between each photo. The majority of our images appeared muted, causing fiery reds and oranges to appear faded, and when we zoomed in past 50 percent, they quickly became pixilated. Video looked even worse, with the Marquee delivering severely muted colors with high amount of graini-ness as we panned up to the sky and back down to street level. At least the camera took little time adjust-ing for the change in brightness.

What Are the Best Prepaid Plans With Long Expiry?

Video chatting with the 2-MP front camera was a better experience. During a Wi-Fi Skype session, our caller was still able to read text in a headline we held up to the camera. Audio was clear on our end with fairly clear images with bright color. That's 2 hours and 2 minutes below the 5: The Triumph didn't fare much better, scoring 3: The Connect 4G's time of 3: Note that we set the Marquee's screen brightness to 40 percent.

Because this phone's display is brighter than most competing handsets, you should be able to get away with a lower setting and squeeze out more time between charges.

What Are the Best Prepaid Plans With Long Expiry?

The 10 Longest-Lasting Smartphones. We made test calls to cellphones and landlines in New York and New Jersey. Calls made in Manhattan were nice and clear. We also enjoyed loud, crisp audio on both ends of the call when we dialed a landline. However, cellphone callers reported a slight echo. When we attempted to make calls at our Bronx apart-ment, we had trouble making calls. We experienced a couple of dropped calls at this same location.

When the LG Marquee debuted on Sprint, we loved the bright display and compact design, but we we-ren't thrilled with its short battery life and 3G speeds. Overall, we prefer the LG Connect 4G among no-contract phones because it offers 4G speeds, but if you want the quality of Sprint's network paired with Android on the cheap, the Marquee is a pretty good bargain. Smith has been cranking out product reviews for Laptopmag. In that time, she's reviewed more than her share of laptops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between. The resident gamer and audio junkie, Sherri was previously a managing editor for Black Web 2.

In the new study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , Vacharkulksemsuk and her colleagues examined videos of speed-dates from a event at Northwestern University. The dates alternately paired 12 men and 12 women for 4 minutes at a time. The participants also reported whether they would pursue future romantic pursuits with any of their dates. Each video was also graded by experts who were unaware of the experiment's goals but trained to track and keep a score card of when daters exhibited behaviors linked to attraction, such as laughing, smiling and nodding.

Two profiles were created for each person in the experiment, one in which they appeared with expansive open postures and one with contacted postures. Names, ages and other details were kept identical.

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Each was paid 40 cents to complete a short attractiveness survey based on one of 12 photo collages of the contracted and expanded profile images of the same people. The results were similar across all of the platforms and, perhaps surprisingly, among men and women as well.

That's at odds with traditional stereotypes suggesting that many females would prefer more dominant partners while men would see more submissive women, she adds. He notes that the research raises interesting questions about the differences between online and offline courting behavior, because people adopt the same postures in the real world.

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If they are, he says, that would open the door for opportunities to portray oneself in a certain fashion. With online dating now commonplace, intuitive first impressions may well be more important than ever before, Vacharkulksemsuk says. People are forced to make more rapid judgments about a person based on more limited information. Figuring out all the factors involved in those snap judgments won't be easy, she notes, but she's keen to explore more of how we're adapting to seismic shifts in the world of dating.

Here we've identified perhaps one cue they are instinctively picking up on, but it can't be the only thing.

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