Ayi dating contact phone number

The company is crap. If you sign up cancel immediately. Cancel anything auto renewal. In fact just don't sign up. Save yourself the trouble. Your site is very confusing. I set the distance. Criteria at 25 miles and it jumps to and A box will pop up saying no matches.

Had to expand the distance. It should be up to me if I want to expand the distance. I don't want a long distance relationship. All other dating sites I've been on don't expand the distance. I joined FirstMet in February. I have not found any suitable matches they just throw anything at you. They took money out of my account and I said I didn't want the service anymore because the people they sent me were unsuited for me but they it's like a thief in the night. I would never use them again in this life or any other. Thanks for nothing, I know this review will not fly but if someone sees it they can tread lightly.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. When I joined, I got a lot of contacts, yeah a lot of not existing people, that loved me, then wanted money. So in the end of last year, I told this company, that I wanted out. So surprised that they took money from my account today. So tried to get in contact. I want that money back. I do not want to look at the men they chose for me. Like we both like "Kill Bill" or that we both like a book.

So tried to send a complaint about the bill. Just a lot of info I don't need. So now we see if they send my money back.

Phone number for ayi dating site

No clear understanding of what you get for free vs a paid membership. Not clear how many active members are on the site. What does "online recently" and "click yes on me" mean? Can't seem to find the answers to those questions. I'm not going to become a paid member, if you are a paid member and want to stop auto renew, you have to call a number, not about to do that. My advice, enjoy the free features whatever they are and keep your money in your pocket. This site is way too confusing. BTW, each time I log in the price for the paid membership goes down.

Maybe they don't have a lot of paid members and begging for money or maybe this is their way of getting you, you pay for a membership and they make it really hard for you to stop auto renew. Too many out of staters. Not to many within the 25 miles. Do not want your service anymore. Please close my account and please take me out of the list. I hope you end my account asap. I have filled in several times I do not want to date black men or hispanic. This site continues to send me the men I have deleted.

Someone brought it to my attention not too long ago saying my Profile has crazy jokes.

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I had no idea who put these jokes on there. This has been on there for a long time. You set Ice breakers to men I didn't like. You set the yes I like you when I didn't tell you to. And after my account closed you put locks on messages that I had already received 21, 17, 5, day to 2 months before my account closed just to get me to reopen, that is wrong.

I cant even view their profiles now. I paid by PayPal.

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Please refund me as you promised. PayPal said you did not refund me - you promised too. I signed up through my cousin's Facebook account because I saw your ad there. PalPal is doing an investigation on this. Please also send me an email of confirmation that you did refund me via my Email address. I downloaded the app after signing up for premium, tried to login, requested a password reset via email several times but never received an email. Navigating via web is terrible.

I prefer to read a profile before responding to anyone but seems that is not possible. I will go back to Match. I've been trying to get online with the website but it won't let me login! It says that my password is wrong and I even tried to reset my password! I spent money on your website and have nothing to show for it! I was hoping for a better experience! This site is worthless. I think it's all fake ads. A lingering death, but FirstMet can do that easily. I did not authorize the upgrade. I notified my credit card company and reversed the charged.

I have canceled my credit card. How dare you upgrade me without my authorization. I will never recommend you at all to my friends. Not much to choose from local. You need to promote this better to get more women!

That's why I have tried using this before and it's still the same! I only signed for a month and already about to stop it. Not happy with this site at all.

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I've met more people on other sites. I haven't met no one in this site. Have even had any conversations with anyone and I'm not into talking to someone a million miles away. If this is a dating site then there should be someone close enough to me to date. So what I've spent was a waste of money.

Ayi dating contact number

I've done better on site I ain't had to spend a dime on. It seems like it's ok. I still like more live chatting like a site called Cherry Blossoms. There were a few scammers before. I think they finally cleared out. So that is what I would do to make things better is more messenger live talking and more like cherry blossoms and have more ways to spot scammers. The quality of the man that I met on your side as for the pictures of four and the qualities of their answers are immature. I hope this is possible. Half the women on here if they are women are not the women in profile.

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ayi dating contact phone number Ayi dating contact phone number
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ayi dating contact phone number Ayi dating contact phone number
ayi dating contact phone number Ayi dating contact phone number
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