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No really, it actually is. The player "KempBushThe3rd" is no longer active.

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This is the last message he has left us: There are too many frustrations with playing this game. And I believe that it's not worth playing anymore. This is not because of Update 3. I have been losing interest in this game for a while now. I believe that it is time for me to put the game down and finally move on with life.

Click here to give a damn. Hey, I'm gonna need that "honeymoon" period to be a permanent setting on all my tanks because I suck. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Please log in to reply.

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Gitgudm9 1 Posted 15 November - Targaryen22 2 Posted 15 November - Not that I'm aware if it's true or not. I don't drive any tank these days even if I just research them that aren't max crewed or fully researched. Part of my wallet warrior mindset lol. I buy my way down tank lines these days. Nope, no more grinding for me. Feed me all your wallet warrior jealousy driven hate. It fuels my bought and paid for t10s!

T6 Dracula Animation made by Panbun. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I was top tier for at least 5 games in a row in the stock T29 yesterday. Not that it helped my performance much I don't know if it's just pure luck or what: It seems that with stock tanks, you get preferential MM for games. It's happened to me before.

World Of Tanks M6 Matchmaking

Same in the RU , Comet, T, etc - the ride never ends! After getting around 10 games in the tanks, without upgrading which seems to stop the special MM , I would get normal matchmaking. I've read from multiple sources that WG has confirmed this on the RU servers. I couldn't get the link, but it is a hint that something fishy is going on behind the curtains.

I'm not complaining, though. The apparent preferential matchmaking does make the stock grind slightly less painful. Has anyone else noticed this? On tanks that have several modules already researched, I haven't seen any instances of preferential MM. I haven't seemed to have gotten it on new premium tanks either. Either way, I'd like to thank WG if they are indeed rigging matchmaking. It's helped me out, and I don't have to suffer as much. Kudos to whoever thought of this mechanic, if it exists. WG's called hitmen on me for exposing corporate secrets.

It seems you have tried to Lu the dots together of MM. Your fate is in your hands. Proud owner of the: Ke-ni Otsu , Pz.

B2 , E 1 , Type 62 Dragon. Animation made by Panbun. As long as we don't take straight to direct insults. So we all know and love our heavy tanks. Behemoths of the field, big and strong, the Grim Reaper.

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However, the armor has no value when it comes to a let's say tier 8 heavy against a tier 10 heavy. My most outstanding example is the tier 8 O-Ho heavy vs a Tier 10 heavy match.

The armor value of the O-Ho is already not that great against tanks of its own tier, or tier 9 tanks. But when you throw that hunk of steel into a tier 10 heavy based match, it gets murdered with ease. The armor value of heavy tanks drop way too much when it comes to a bottom tiered heavy. Now I know that ever since the update making lights have similar matchmaking, there has been some irritation about it.

Armor is useless when the gun you're facing is "x3 the armor value" of your own tank. Or whatever WarGaming said. A little sub-idea that we could save for another forum discussion could be Heavies: Also if it seems weird in the grammar and typing, my full focus wasnt really into this. Just try to take key points away from it if it seems oddly spoken. Hurk, on Oct 02 - T vs Easy 8 or Jumbo. KV comes so close.

Strike, you are living in a dream land where mediums face hug heavies and sit still to be shot and never press 2 to win. Heavies are fine at -2 just as Mediums are. I can pen any Tier X tank as long as I get the right angle with any of my tanks. Heavies have more armor so they have more hit points meaning they can take more shots then my mediums can.

That's part of the difference. Also heavies generally have bigger guns then mediums so they hit harder then mediums can. But sometimes not enough for him to even bother turning around to get me instead of continuing on his way shooting at someone else.

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  7. I sometimes get to pen him a few times before I become enough of a bother that he will swing around to go after me. After one pen which does much more damage he is going to swing around to come after me. Unless I can get them at an unfair advantage or if I am support one or more of our other tanks trying to take them down.

    When I am -2 in a game often I am usually in our second line, support, not the front line.

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